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Restoring facial volume by building your own collagen. Sculptra is a beautiful product for all ages that slowly restores volume loss over time in face, neck, booty and knee areas. It builds collagen for 9 months and lasts for roughly 2 years.


Price varies depending on area(s) treated and how many vials used. For more customized plan please reach out for a consult as we do use this a lot in combination with traditional filler.

Vial starts at $800

How Should I prepare for my appointment?

1. For injectable appointments please refrain from taking ibuprofen, Advil, aspirin and alcohol for 7 days prior to your appointment to avoid bruising. 


2. Arnica Montana is a homeopathic supplement that is highly encouraged to take 3 days prior to filler appointments. This helps reduce bleeding during the procedure and bruising. It can be purchased on Amazon or at your local pharmacy for $10 or less. 


3. If you are planning on working out please do so prior to all injectable appointments as you cannot after. 


"I came here because of all the great reviews and they don’t lie!!! Ellen is awesome, welcomed me with a huge smile, a box of water and outstanding energy! My skin needed some love and attention and Hydrofacial helped a lot!! Feeling refreshed and hydrated! I will be back "


"Highly recommend Xel Med Spa! Lexi and Ellen are so sweet! I’ve received Botox by Lexi twice and she does such a great job! Lexi and Ellen are so personable and welcoming! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

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