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Summer time Aqua Gold Facial | $390

Hydrating, Anti-aging Benefits, Customizable Treatment, Minimal Downtime, Immediate Results.

How does it work?

Aqua Gold Facial uses 24-Karat gold medical facial device designed to deliver a blend of skincare into the skin's top layer. Summer Glow cocktail may include- Botox, Fillers ,Antioxidants, Growth Factors .

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, Shrink large pores, Create a soft, smooth skin texture, Plump Skin, Boost hydration and luminosity.

The Aqua gold facial is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Results can be visible within 3-7 days. The effects can last from 2-5 months

No Downtime. Get ready to Glow

This treatment will only be available in spring and summer time!!

Who should use this treatment?

Anybody that wants that summer time Glow!!

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Book your service today for better-feeling skin in minutes. Not sure what service you want? Try our $50 in-person or virtual consultation. The $50 can be applied to a treatment or to any skincare that is purchased within 4 weeks of your consult.


"I came here because of all the great reviews and they don’t lie!!! Ellen is awesome, welcomed me with a huge smile, a box of water and outstanding energy! My skin needed some love and attention and Hydrofacial helped a lot!! Feeling refreshed and hydrated! I will be back "


"Highly recommend Xel Med Spa! Lexi and Ellen are so sweet! I’ve received Botox by Lexi twice and she does such a great job! Lexi and Ellen are so personable and welcoming! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

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