Ocean Tonic

Ocean Tonic

Ocean Tonic is a tanning water designed by Sorella for beauties who want to add a golden glow to their complexion for hydrating, even, natural looking bronze without all the fuss!

  • Directions

    Infused with argan, rose hip, and jojoba oil, plus antioxidants + vitamins, Ocean Tonic Tanning Water hydrates the skin while providing a natural tan and protecting the skin from harsh environmental aggressors and radicals.

     After freshly cleansing and exfoliating the skin and gently patting to dry, apply Ocean Tonic by holding the nozzle 6 inches away from the skin and misting generously over the face and décolletage. You can also apply on the body for a subtle glow, or to extend the use of our BODY Luxury Bronzing Mousse. 

    100% Natural DHA Vegan, Cruelty Free Formula Paraben Free