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Our non invasive body tightening consists of two steps. First breaking down the fat cells with cavitation, second using heat and infrared light t gently tighten the skin. Our device is painless and can help shed inches while smoothing stubborn areas of concerns. We recommend a series of 5 sessions to start. Schedules a complimentary consultation to learn more.

Abdomen and Flanks $300 per treatment 

Package of 5 sessions  Abdomen and Flanks $1400

Butt, Back of thigh $350 per treatment

Package of 5 sessions Butt, Back of thigh package $1650

Salts Massage


XEL body Buff embraces all things natural to provide you with the most radiant skin, all over! Its ability to eliminate dry skin and improve texture within a single session. We go in and use a special buffing machine to exfoliate dead skin cells while putting hydration back into the skin. At the end your skin will be soft and glowing like you! This is great before a vacation, before a big event, before going to get a spray tan or just to treat yourself!

add on facial mask for $20 for more relaxation!